Mr. Dubai’s Home Product Reviews & Tips Blog is a blog that reviews products, posts honest opinions, and hosts giveaways. Mr. Dubai owns the blog, and he takes a fun look at various topics: food, parenting, savings or deals, finance, health, and DIY ideas to name a few! So in a sense, you will get to know Mr. Dubai!

Kitchen & Dining Product Reviews

Mr. Dubai loves spending time in the kitchen. Therefore, you will see a lot of reviews of kitchen & dining products. For example, the silicone candy molds made by Clarita Home, or the infuser water bottle by Sharp Infuser, or kitchen shears, or microwaves, or manual coffee grinders by Clara’s Coffee, and much more!

Where To Get Products

claras-coffee-beans-grinder-manualWe love buying stuff from Amazon. Its so simple, especially when you have an amazon prime account which gets you free 2 day shipping! But we also buy form various places, including small boutique shops online at

If you know of any cool shops or products we should check, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We are always looking for cutting edge products so that we can keep our readers aware of whats going on.

Do Your Own Research!

While Mr. Dubai shares various types of information, it’s up to you to verify, and evaluate the validity and usefulness! Don’t be surprised with the variety of topics covered, Mr. Dubai is very flexible so you’ll never know what will happen next!


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